Ca' Ronesca


where ca'ronesca born

The territory

Gentle slopes and soft hills, where small villages give way to plots of land planted with vines: this is Collio, the cradle of our grapes and the expression of a land strongly suited to the cultivation of vines for the production of white wines. The vineyards, like light brushstrokes, paint the movements of the ground, the sinuosity of the hills, without borders or limits for the eye of those who stop to contemplate them, the full manifestation of the encounter between man and nature.


It is in this area with a European scent but with a local heart that the company farms develop, caressed by the breath of the sea and its breezes with, behind them, the shelter of the Alps. The soil, formed by layers of clay and Eocene marl here known as ponca or flysch, with a moderate presence of active limestone, it determines the most valuable vocation of these areas for viticulture.


The climate, which is not always mild, is normally characterized by cold winters with little rain, warm springs but with abundant rainfall and summers that are distinguished by a good temperature range. Towards the end of September, when the harvest of the grapes is finished, copious and intense rains often arrive, the effect of which is mitigated by the arrival of the bora, the cold east wind, in autumn and winter, from the borino in late spring and breeze in summer. These elements strongly characterize the microclimate of the Ca ‘Ronesca farms and are the basis of our work: because it is only through understanding and love for one’s land that one learns to transform its fruits and to create products of great quality.

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