Pinot Bianco


Pinot bianco 100%

Of golden yellow colour, it reveals an intense, spicy aroma of hawthorn and viburnum flowers; elegant and balanced to the palate, it closes with a note of ripe pears

13% VOL

soil aspect

Vineyard arranged in a “cavalcapoggio” fashion, in a East-West direction; the soil is known as Flysch, a sedimentary complex of loam and sandstone of Eocene origin

Vineyard age and growing system

The vineyard is about 30 year old, the farming system is Sylvoz

Yeld: 6.000 kg/ hectare
Harvest: Manual

wine making

subjected to a soft and long pressing, then the must undergoes cold static decantation and, after separation, it is left to ferment for two weeks with the aid of selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 18°C..Afterwards the wine ages on fine lees in stainless steel tanks for about six months during which periodical stirring operations take place. In spring, after being filtered, the wine is bottled and one month later is introduced onto the market

serving suggestions

It goes well risotto and baked fish

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